Let Go

I swear this blog is really just another form of one of my diaries. Words that express this buzzing that has been in my belly since I was a kid, you know that feeling I’m here to do something great!! But WTF is IT?!?!?!?!?!? So many wonderful teachers in this world do their job and give encouragement to their respective students, and while those words of wisdom and encouragement do plant seeds of greatness in the listener no one wants to admit….But What am I suppose to do???!!! What if there is no suppose to??? What if we get to … Continue reading Let Go

Manifest beauty

Manifesting Beauty….My Baby…my dream my passions. My life.   What is Manifesting Beauty? It’s nothing written in stone or planned to the smallest detail. Its my life, my purpose I’ve given myself to take this energy I have in me around me to grow expand and see what I am able to become. When I  first started my career at 22 I thought I’d be in Kansas on the radio forever.  The road to success is never what you think. To me I’m  very successful I’ve been living my life on my own terms for decades. Now I’m going to … Continue reading Manifest beauty