Random Manifesting, AI BOT’s and she did what?

Hey! So we are episode 92!!!

So excited, I wasn’t sure how this was going to play out doing long form entertainment but as we can see I’m starting to get used to doing the podcasting thing!

 I got some stories to share with you and a random not so much question but kind of question from a story I just heard and the nerd of me all coming up!

So, if you like the ocean as much as I do there’s now a way for you to have a residence on an ocean liner if you got it like that, you could now live at the sea. There is a new cruise line that will have homes for sale and rent. I just realized the only way this could happen is no kids on the boat, right? So that’s gonna be a lot of parties, be crazy on that ship. The only thing is you can’t go anywhere, but a chopper will take you where you need when you wanna go back to the mainland, I guess. Cost?? You can get yourself an apartment on this ship starting at 400K and going all the way up to 8 million, and if you don’t wanna just outright buy you can get a one-to-two-year leases as well.

Alright so something else that made me laugh this little story right here there is now a lickable TV. TTTV multisensory TV. A Japanese professor came up with the prototype. So, if you see something on the TV you can now have these canisters of chemicals that will create the taste on a hygienic film that you can lick. not only that but this guy wants to create a fork that’ll make your food taste better, and downloadable tastes for your phone.

Nerd In me. Interesting stories for you, so the thing that’s been separating the AI bots from us pretty much as they’ve not been able to like really convey human expression until now, Ameca at CES 2022.  

Guy on video, “Can you show us your movements again?” “Of course, I would love to”, the robot says. “Fluid movements, then the eyes, are really, because they really lock on when you look at this robot it looks back at you. “

If they are really doing all this for sex robots but we just can’t go saying that, then hey, everyone needs a little stimulation. But they are not saying that. Instead they are saying not in the homes just yet but restaurants, and hotels and airports.

The saving grace for me is there is a study being done on human brain cells vs AI playing pong, and so far we, our brain cells, learn faster.

I’m really excited and it’s perfectly segue about that study that the human brain cells, and their, I stutter. This is not helping my point is it our ability to learn faster than a I well you know here’s the thing right so we all know the saying that you know we have bad days, but it doesn’t have to be a bad life. I feel like nowadays everybody is 100% way more aware of like mindfulness, you know Vogue is writing about manifesting the CIA has declassified the the paper that was written about consciousness and its effect on the world outside around us. You know so manifesting conversation is definitely happening way more than it ever was before, and I don’t think that people really think of it as some foo foo craziness now especially when you got like rappers like Drake saying I wrote it down and all of the things that I wrote down came true.

So what’s happening is, now that we have a group of people that are believing that just writing something down is gonna make something come to pass in your life. I am all about manifesting and working the energy it is literally legit how have done anything and everything in my life, and I have not at all said all of the crazy dope ass shit that I’ve gotten to do, but yeah I have definitely had a lot of fun and met a lot of people that I admired when I was growing up. I always say it all has happened because of learning to work this energy. Now when I was a kid, it was it was a different experience for me when I would say things and you know back, and I don’t wanna say it like that, but back in those days nobody was really talking about energy and when they were you were a freaking weirdo. You know I’m saying?  Which Vice President was that? Everybody was talking smack about this guy on recycling all the global warming right? Years later turns out wait Al Gore it took me a second I didn’t even have to look it up guys so remember when Al Gore was talking all this smack about you know global warming and we need to recycle and all that good stuff and everybody was like, “Oh he’s like crazy” right and now of course everybody is like Oh well yeah he was pretty smart right?

Manifesting is the same thing I think everybody is going Oh my God these 2020 babies these pandemic babies oh they’re so smart, listen it’s we’re entering into the age of Aquarius we’re entering into that 5th dimension we’re entering into the time period where our knowledge has already shown us that it’s grown like exponential. Our ability to communicate in different ways is being heightened you know it’s just, this is a really dope ass wonderful time to be alive. You know?

I’m really excited about it because even just in my own lifetime the things that I would talk about with people being able to watch and go from feeling like a fucking weirdo, and Oreo, to Now where we are, now it’s like finally we’re understanding, listen you/me/we got fed a lie and somehow we bought into it. So I think that that’s what we’re doing everywhere and how I am daring to turn manifesting upon it’s head so I thought what I would do read a little bit from the book … gotta watch or listen to get a sneak peek that pretty much sums up all you need to know.

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