Random news, Declassified UFO information, Skin Rejuvenation, and The Random Question.

In this episode, I am chopping up Random news, Declassified UFO information, Skin Rejuvenation, and The Random Question.

Well, the title does say it all but there’s a lot more to this episode!

Lots of fun glad to finally have my energy back started a new gig, and back on full-time radio. Loving this new station, but definitely taking time to get used to it!

So much to talk about. New declassified information on UFOs, a real-life The Nanny story, I loved that show wait I love that show, apparently, a family got to live out falling in love with the nanny. Chris Rock and Will Smith, well since I recorded this Dave Chappell was attacked and the person got beat the F up and Chris Rock grabbed the mic and said was that Will? Now, I hear that Ray J wants to put up 50 million for a fight but I say they should have a comedy battle.

Okay so, on April 5th of this year the Pentagon released papers on people’s accounts of being abducted and the physical “evidence” left behind. Did you know there was a program run by our government to explore this whole UFO thing? Technically they changed the name, to UFA’s nope UFP’s, anyhoo no one really knew about this program until the head guy stepped down. You can visit The Sun and read the papers yourself.

On another note, I had this conversation about women, cheating respectfully, and monogamy. Monogamous relationships, are they a thing of the past? Or, is that just what social media wants you to think? I found a study all men were asked about cheating gay and straight men. 78% cheat. Even if they will never leave and love their partner. So is it more of a biology thing? I DJ at a strip club so I think it’s an art form and women should embrace the form of entertainment. However sometimes like if I just DJ’ed a wedding, and at the club the next day I sometimes wonder do their wives know they are there? That would suck if they have to hide it from them.. I think Women’s views on dancers hs changed and men can be totally honest about liking to go to the club. Okay so what happened was a few weeks back someone was too lit, we wanted them to keep their car at the club, but he was like no I cannot level my car and taxi home…after 15 mins I told security I bet he didn’t tell his wife where he went and doesn’t want to get into trouble. After 45 mins he sobered up and they let him go home. That sparked this question in me. We get here by the act so it’s time we stop denying our bodily needs. Will relationships and marriages continue to decline or will we just be f buddies for life? We all have heard Men cheat, and most of the time we say women do it better (?) but do women actually cheat more often? Would that ever be revealed due to the social norms that it’s men with the sexual appetite and not women?

The Nerd In Me: found out a skin rejuvenation experiment taking skin cells back 30 years has happened. Wow! It will not be released yet as it may cause cancer in the skin cells. Nobel Prize winner Shinya Yamanaka created this process which some other scientists built on and they were able to get the cells to lose their identity and act 30 years younger! Now I relate this to manifesting because to create, some of us have to lose our identity and pick up a new one, the one that is in alignment with what we want or who we say we are. I’m telling you there are so many secret keys in nature. Is this something we can do with our minds? Could you turn your cells back with your thoughts and actions in alignment with source?

Plus delving into the Random Question. Gotta listen to hear it, it’s at the end like this part.

This is a great juicy episode hope you enjoy listening as much as I did talking!

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